Who wants to buy BeWILDerwood Tickets?!!

If you would like to buy tickets, gift vouchers and annual passes to visit our wonderful and lovely BeWILDerwood press the 'book online' button below. To buy any of Tom's BeWILDerwood books give the Twiggle Team a call on 01692 633033.

If you need to know any terms and conditions regarding any stuff you buy, then click here for all the information you need.


Admission Prices

Prices are based on height as there's a few bits and bobs in our park that require longer arms and legs (like our big zip wires)!

Measurements are approximate. Children can be measured upon arrival. 


  Born to BeWILD Almost WILD BeWILD
Used to BeWILD
  (Under 92cm) (92-105cm) (105cm+) (65 years+) 
14 Feb-27 Mar* Free  £12.00 £14.00 £9 
28 Mar -12 Apr Free £13.50 £15.50 £10.50
13 Apr-1 May* Free  £12.00 £14.00 £9 
2 May- 4 May
Free  £13.50 £15.50 £10.50
5 May-22 May
Free  £12.00 £14.00 £9 
23 May-31 May
Free  £13.50 £15.50 £10.50
1 Jun - 20 Jun
Free  £12.00 £14.00 £9 
21 Jun Free £13.50 £15.50 £10.50
22 Jun - 12 Jul
Free  £12.00 £14.00 £9 
13 Jul - 2 Sep Free £13.50 £15.50 £10.50
3 Sep-21 Oct*  Free  £12.00 £14.00 £9 
22 Oct-1 Nov  Free  £13.50 £15.50 £10.50




Carer (for a disabled visitor) goes free**

*We are closed for some of these dates. Please check the calendar above

**A carer badge or benefit letter. See FAQ for our definition of a carer.


Schools and large groups


We Twiggles love it when large groups of children come to play in our woods so that's why we offer special rates for school trips and groups. To see what our admission prices are, if you qualify for the reduced rates and all the important information related to school or group bookings, please visit the Schools andGroups page under our Tickets section.


Totally WILD Annual Passes!


Born to BeWILD

under 92cm (3')


Almost WILD

92-105cm (3'-3'5")



105-250cm (3'5"-8'2")


Used to BeWILD

65 yrs+


Let's all BeWILD Family Pass

4 named people
5 named people
6 named people


Allows named person unlimited BeWILDness for one year, from date of activation on first visit, when photo ID card is issued.