Boggle Wish Bonfire
Boggle Wish Bonfire

Boggle Wish Bonfire

Saturday 16th February - Sunday 24th February

Guess the wishes of your favourite BeWILDerwood characters, warm yourself around the BeWILDerwood bonfire and make your wish for the coming year the secret Boggle way.....

Wrap your wish around a pine cone, close your eyes and blow on it three times... then roll it into the fire and the smoke will drift away into the trees. The twiggles will listen to your wishes from their treehouses, as the smoke swirls by and maybe they'll come true....!

Can you work out which wish belongs to which Boggle or Twiggle? What have Mildred, Swampy or Snagglefang wished for? Find the wishes around BeWILDerwood and match them to your favourite BeWILDerwood characters to win your prize!