Events in 2017!

Here at BeWILDerwood we love putting on special events every single day! From fancy dress parties, storytelling, twiggle trails, treasure hunts, puppet shows, lantern parades and lots of craft making activities. There’s ooodles of fun things to do...

Minty's Floral Frolic

Tuesday 18th April - Friday 28th April

Minty loooves flowers and invites you all to BeWILDerwood to help her grow a beautiful sunflower garden!...(more)

Mildred's Maypole Mayhem

Saturday 29th April - Monday 1st May

Spring has arrived and Mildred couldn't be more excited! Birds are singing, leaves are budding and the yellow flag irises are peeping through. We hope everyone will join us in the woods for a very merry Maypole twist and wiggle! ...(more)

The BeWILDerbug Ball

Tuesday 2nd May - Friday 26th May

Discover BeWILDerwood and the teeniest, tiniest critters that live here! Get crafty in the BIG Hat, visit our fantabulous face painters, and learn how to properly dance at a BeWILDerbug Ball! ...(more)

10th Anniversary Colourful Cake & Costume Party

Saturday 27th May - Sunday 4th June

Join the inhabitants of BeWILDerwood to celebrate our 10th anniversary! Dress up in your best party clothes and help decorate our GIANT birthday cake. Hooray!...(more)

The Thornyclod's Crafty Kitchen

Monday 5th June - Friday 21st July

The Thornyclod is cooking up a storm in BeWILDerwood! Learn how to cook Marsh Mallows at the Storytelling Stage and get crafty in the BIG Hat. ...(more)

Silly Sock Day

Saturday 10th June

Dig out your most silly socks and parade them with pride on our annual Silly Sock Day. Today is all about supporting Autism Anglia and having oodles of fun! ...(more)

BeWILDerdad's Twiggle Treat Day

Sunday 18th June

Treat your Dad to a free trip to BeWILDerwood this Father's Day! ...(more)