Events in 2014!

Here at BeWILDerwood we love putting on special events during the half term holidays, bank holidays and special weekends. From fancy dress parties, storytelling, twiggle trails, treasure hunts, puppet shows, lantern parades and lots of craft making activities. There’s kazooodles of fun things to do...

Bouncing Boggle Bunny Egg Hunt

Monday 7th April - Tuesday 22nd April

This Easter holidays BeWILDerwood is holding a Boggle bunny bouncing bonanza! Meet Cedric the Easter Bunny and hear tales from the brand new and wonderful book "The Pesky Bunnies of BeWILDerwood, by Tom Blofeld. Follow a bunny themed trail through the park to make your own bonny Boggle bunny outfit in the Big Hat......(more)

Minty's Whizzy Windmills

Saturday 3rd May - Monday 5th May

Help Minty, the littlest Crocklebog in BeWILDerwood, create a charmingly gorgeous garden by making whizzy windmill flowers, how lovely!...(more)

The Great Grubble Boat Race

Saturday 24th May - Sunday 1st June

This May half term the Big Hat will be a hub of activity - here you can get busy building magnificent blow boats - as extraordinary and unexpected as you like – join in the race to get to the Twiggle turreted houses and petite Grubble grottos......(more)

BeWILDerdad's Free-Bee Bonanza - The best Father's Day out in Norfolk

Sunday 15th June

We love dads at BeWILDerwood and we think they deserve a little present this Father’s Day. So bring Dad for FREE* on Sunday the 15th June and while you play - you can help save the bees...!...(more)

Pippy’s Peculiar Costume Cavalcade plus WILD Weekend Puppet Shows

Saturday 26th July - Wednesday 3rd September

With face painting and story telling and a costume procession through the park every day, plus puppet shows every weekend for the six weeks of summer - we have summer all sewn up!...(more)

The Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade

Saturday 25th October - Sunday 2nd November

Experience BeWILDerwood in a Spectacular New Light... Our Soopa-Doopa Star Event!...(more)