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BeWILDerwood offers an inspiring and safe environment for children to learn and play in. We welcome visits from pre-school, infant and primary schools as well as special schools.

Take the learning outside of the classroom and watch the children get inspiration from traditional play. We have exciting activities developed especially for your pupils, from early years to KS1 & 2. In the virtual world many modern children live in, their imagination is stifled and their thinking is done for them. We want to help you to bring their imagination to life!

School rates

The school rate is available during Norfolk schools term time only (including weekends)
for groups of 15 or more paying school visitors at £9.00 per child, with 1 accompanying adult free for every 5 children.

Additional paying school group adults are £9.00 each.

Questions? Questions? Lots of Questions! (and answers of course)


How many children can we bring?

As many as you like. The park has a 3,000 person capacity and we will inform you at the time of your booking if there are a lot of other bookings on the same day.

I won't know numbers until nearer the time. Will this be a problem?

No, this isn’t a problem at all! You can amend the numbers on your booking at any time prior to paying for your visit.

What is offered for each key stage?

We’ve developed slightly different education programmes to suit either Key Stage 1 (ages 5 to 6) or Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11). The programmes are cross-curricular and are designed to be led by accompanying teachers within the group, using a supporting teacher’s guide. We have post visit sheets that you can take back to school to continue the fun and recount your exciting day with the Boggles and Twiggles. We also have a ‘spotter’ activity for Early Years (Foundation Stage), which encourages children to look closer at the magic around them! 

Which curriculum topics are covered?

With a foundation in literacy, the BeWILDerwood education programmes offer cross-curricular activities with a strong emphasis on the natural landscape of BeWILDerwood.  There are all sorts of areas that can be covered including science with the natural world and environment, to maths using force, mass and counting. You could even attempt some design work by creating your own Twiggle houses back at school! We hope to help teachers to find non-traditional ways of engaging with the curriculum.

Are teacher's packs provided?

All BeWILDerwood education programmes are designed to be led by the accompanying teachers within the group, encouraging everyone to discover BeWILDerwood together. A teacher’s pack is provided and the pack is broken down into the following documents: plan your day, structure your day, teacher’s guide, answer sheets, teacher’s map and optional extra activities.

The children’s Key Stage Adventure Booklets or Early Years Spotter Sheets will be handed out to each child upon arrival at BeWILDerwood. To make a school booking contact The Twiggle Team .

Are projects suggested?

Each programme has optional extra activities, both for completion on the day of the visit or for use back at school. We recommend reading Tom Blofeld’s book, “A Boggle at BeWILDerwood” prior to your visit. This will introduce the children to the characters that inhabit BeWILDerwood and undoubtedly enhance their experience of the park and certainly help build a sense of anticipation which drives each child’s imagination prior to the trip.

Booking Information

Payment terms & methods

We will require full payment at least 10 days prior to the date of your visit

  • Cheques should be made payable to “Bure Valley Adventures Ltd”
  • Alternatively, you can pay via debit/credit card, over the telephone, by calling us on 01692 633033. Press 3 to speak to a Twiggle.

School booking terms & conditions

Contact Us

For any other questions, or to make a provisional booking, give the Twiggle Team a call on 01692 633033 and select option 3 to speak to a Twiggle.