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We love a birthday!

BeWILDerwood is the perfect place for the most exciting and memorable birthday party ever!

You bring the kids, we add the brilliant fun and fancy food.

Scroll down to find out all the Boggle-brilliant stuff incloooded in our party package!

Party details

The cost of our Birthday party is £30 per child (minimum of 8 children with two free adults per party) and includes the following:


  • Entry into BeWILDerwood (you can stay all day too!)
  • A twiggle-tastic entertainer birthday host to lead activities and guide you through the WILD, WILD woods!
  • Exclooosive use of one of our brilliant Boggle Banquet Halls
  • A traditional Boggle Banquet to fuel your day of zipping and sliding!
  • Your very own mudwort cupcake decorating activity
  • A Soopa Special Boggle Boat Ride for you and your group
  • A copy of Tom Blofeld’s book A Boggle at BeWILDerwood for the Birthday child (if you already have this book, let us know and we will offer you another super-fantastic BeWILDerwood book instead!)
  • A soopa-doopa party bag for each child
  • Beautiful BeWILDerwood Birthday invites
  • (And not forgetting!!) Lots of fun sliding, jumping, climbing and running WILD in the woods!

Are you an Annual Pass Holder? You get a marvellous 15% off birthday parties, receiving all of the above for just £25.50 per child (whether they are an annual pass holder or not, yippee!)

How to book

If you want to enquire about booking a party then drop us an e-mail to or give the Twiggle Team a call on 01692 633033 (and press 3 to speak to a Twiggle).

And don’t forget….

You can add guests to your party any time up to 10 days before your visit to ensure that we have enough food to feed you all and that we get enough notice for any special dietary requirements for your party!

When can we arrive?

Arrive at 11am by the big birthday candles at the Grubbles Greeting Gate!

What happens if a child cannot attend at the last minute?

We will consider any reasonable situations, however we cannot refund any amount from the basic package starting price. You will need to return the wristbands to us for those who couldn’t attend.

How long can we stay?

Until we are shut (if you have the energy!)

Can I change the numbers for my booking?

You can add guests to your party any time up to 10 days before your visit to ensure that we have enough food to feed you all!

Do you cater for adults at a birthday party?

No we do not, however the children do not always finish everything! The birthday Boggle Banqueting Halls are by the Munch Bar so you can get some grown up food there (or bring your own).

Can we bring our own food?

You are welcome to bring anything you like as additional food to your party – but the whole idea is to let us do the work for you!

Can we bring our own cake?

No need! You will be creating your very own special cupcakes as part of the party package! But if you really must we don’t mind at all!

Can you cater for vegetarians, vegans, children with nut allergies or other dietary requirements in a birthday party?

We will take into account any special requests and if we cannot accommodate we will tell you.

When will the children be given their party bags?

Party bags are available for collection from the Grubbles’ Greeting Gate at the end of your visit.

What about if I don't want the birthday package but I still want to use a Boggle Banqueting Hall?

You will need to ask the Twiggle team on the day you visit if there is any availability. These are occasionally available to book separately, please email or give the Twiggle Team a call on 01692 633033 (and press 3 to speak to a Twiggle) for more information.

Can BeWILDerwood look after our birthday presents for us while we play in the park?

Most of our storage is only Twiggle sized (very tiny) which means unfortunately we can’t look after your presents. We can, however, accept into our care any additional party food/drink and birthday cakes you wish to bring. These may be left with us on arrival at the Grubbles’ Greeting Gate and we’ll look after them until it’s time for your birthday meal. You also will have exclusive use of the Boggle Banqueting Hall all day – items in here are left at your own risk.

Can I add additional adults onto the booking?

2 free adults are included in the Birthday package but yes, you can add adults onto your booking. Additional adults will be charged at £16.95 each in advance. They can book regular tickets for themselves on our booking site at the same price, but if they want to pay on the gate it will be at our standard on the gate price.