A Parasquawk is rare to see
It doesn’t seek out you or me.
It hides in trees like other birds
And nests in groups (or maybe herds).
They are such brightly feathered things
With blue and yellow on their wings,
Or down their tails, a hint of green
(I’ve heard. They are so rarely seen).

But all those in BeWILDerwood
Prize these feathers as they should
(They are the only thing to wear
In Boggle hats, or in your hair).
So now they hide these birds away
Lest someone steal from their display.
The Boggles (and the Twiggles too)
Have made a maze that may fool you,

With twists and turns and strange dead ends
Small passages with curves and bends.
So if you think you’re most astute
And somehow you will find a route
Up to their nest high in the boughs
Well, first I’d like to ask you how?
Because, as the clever Boggles planned
That maze will make sure you are banned!

I have heard of tales of daring folk
Who’ve found their lair. It’s not a joke.
But before you look, just think it through
You’ll have to find your way out too!
Perhaps you’re brave enough to try
And solve that maze up in the sky.
But if you crack it, please don’t talk
Of how you found a Parasquawk!