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Make BeWILDerwood your classroom...

Welcome to the magical, mystical place that inspired local author Tom Blofeld to write a series of children's books and create BeWILDerwood. We Twiggles are very fond of schools so we've developed some activities to suit the age and needs of different groups, making it super-relevant. Here's an overview:

Daily activities (for everyone!) during term time:


On weekdays during term time our interactive storytelling sessions start at 12pm and 2pm. We also have our fantabulous Twiggle Twirling & Boggle Bouncing workshops which start at 1pm.

Early Years stage

Transform into Twiggles and Boggles for a whole day, as you develop tree-climbing, sliding and whizzing skills in our magical park. Then gather round to enjoy a transfixingly terrific Twiggle tale in our interactive storytelling sessions, which includes puppets and dressing up!

  • We've created a little guide for you which explains a bit more about what we offer and how it links in with the national curriculum. We'll also post this out to you when you book your visit (along with Tom's first BeWILDerwood book!).
  • There's also this simple 'spotter' activity for you to download, which encourages the children to look closer at the magic all around them!

Key Stages 1 & 2

Moss gave Leaflette a very special bracelet which had little keepsake charms hanging from it to remind Leaflette of their adventures. Unfortunately the charms have been lost and are scattered all around BeWILDerwood. You will need to save the day! Each child will be given their very own Adventure Booklet, which is packed with exciting clues - both visual and verbal - to help them find all eight lost charms.

We'll post some of this stuff out to you when you book your visit but we've also made it available for you to download here:

  • This teacher's guide provides you with everything you need to know about the 'Leaflette's Lost Charms' activity
  • Practical stuff to help you and your team have a relaxed day with your school
  • A suggestion on how to structure your day so you can complete the activities, play and have time to eat!
  • Here's a sneaky peek at the clue locations and answers in case you get stuck (shhh, don't tell anyone about this!), including a very helpful map
  • If you want to plan ahead or take what you've learnt from your visit back to school, feel free to download all of the education boards that are located round the park.

More fun stuff!

To make your visit even more enjoyable we've come up with some additional activities for you to get stuck into, above and beyond the other stuff. The clue locations and answers sheet will advise you where best to do these activities:

Adventure stick 
Art in the park 
Artist's palette 
Dance of the dragonflies 
Design a FarTree shoe 
Marshland WILD-Spy 
Po-e-tree (KS1) 
Po-e-tree (KS2) 
Sound fist 
WILD woodland scavenge 
Woodland WILD-Spy

How much will it cost?

Our schools page will tell you everything you need to know about cost.

Got any more questions?

Our FAQs page will hopefully answer any other queries you have (scroll down to the 'Schools' section). Alternatively feel free to give the Twiggle Team a call on 01692 633033 and select option 3 to speak to a Twiggle.

Our Risk Assessment and Code of Conduct are available to download now from our Plan your visit web page.