Frequently Asked Questions

Our busy little Twiggles have been hard at work responding to your questions - here you’ll find some of the most popular ones broken down into four categories. Simply click on the category header, and a list of questions will magically appear, then click on the question title to reveal the answer - it’s so simple even a Thornyclod can master it!


What's our definition of a 'carer'?

A carer is a person over the age of 18 who, without payment (excluding benefits & allowances), provides help and support to an individual who is in receipt of DLA (Disability Living allowance) or PIP (Personal Independence Payment). The term carer should not be confused with a care worker, foster carer or care assistant, who receives payment for looking after someone.

Are dogs allowed in BeWILDerwood?

Sorry, no dogs (except assistance dogs) - Twiggles are scared of them! However, we get a lot of enquiries from holiday makers who bring their dogs on holiday, so we recommend two kennels: If you're coming from the South or West then Crostwick Boarding Kennels is best. They're a 12 minute drive away from us (approx. 6.7 miles). Give them a call on 01603 737240 and speak to Jane (you must pre-book and you'll need proof that your doggy has been vaccinated). If you are coming from the North or East we recommend using Broadland Cattery who are 9.7 miles from us (17 mins away). Call Lesley on 01692 580202.

What age is BeWILDerwood suitable for?

The ideal age range for children is 2 - 12 years old, however BeWILDerwood is a family adventure park, which means parents, grandparents, teachers and group leaders can all enjoy the play equipment just as much as the children. We don't want you to be sitting down and watching the kids play, we want you to get stuck in with them and run, jump, swing and laugh your day away all together! For the teeny ones we have 'Toddlewood'. A safe and enclosed area for the little ones who may not be adventurous enough to go on the bigger play equipment. Toddlewood has all the magic and variety of BeWILDerwood, just in miniature! If you have a teenager who enjoys the outdoors, has a sense of adventure and imagination then they might still enjoy BeWILDerwood. We have found that if the teenager is with younger siblings they will enjoy their day even more. The books that accompany the park may be a little young for them however the actual play time should be enjoyable. It really is down to the individual so give us a go and see what you think!

What's the average amount of time visitors spend in BeWILDerwood?

Ideally we want you to stay all day! We advise that you allow a minimum of 3 hours to enjoy your time at BeWILDerwood, but most people enjoy a full day with us and never want to leave!

Can I bring a pushchair or kid's buggy into BeWILDerwood?

Yes, we're accessible to pushchairs and kid's buggies and we even allow them on our BeWILDerboats to make it even easier for you.

Is BeWILDerwood wheelchair accessible?

Every effort has been made to allow reasonable access to the park however, the upper woodland area, where the play structures are located, is naturally sloping and needs to be assessed as to individual needs.

Do I have to book online?

Pre-booking is not essential but if you want to avoid queues and ensure speedy entry into the park we advise that you do so . Online booking for groups, schools and birthday parties is coming soon but in the meantime you can contact The Twiggle Team to make a booking.

Can I buy a WILD WILD WILD Pass on behalf of someone else?

The WILD WILD WILD Passes are photocards and therefore apply only to the person they are issued to. However, if you would like to buy a WILD WILD WILD Pass for someone, you could buy them a WILD WILD WILD Pass gift voucher which they can redeem later.

I've been to BeWILDerwood and left something behind. What should I do?

If you think you have lost something in BeWILDerwood you can either give us a call or email us about it. Postage and packing may be charged for the return of lost items. We will keep lost property for one month before handing items over to a local charity. If we find anything of value we will hand it in at our nearest police station (Wroxham/Hoveton or North Walsham).

Are bicycles allowed in BeWILDerwood?

No, however we do have a bicycle shed, situated in the car park, if you wish to travel via bicycle to come and see us!

What sort of clothing do you recommend wearing?

Wear sensible shoes and suitable clothes for running, jumping, climbing and swinging your day away (save the stilettos for the Thornyclod). Basically wear anything you don't mind getting dirty (that includes the adults too!)

What happens if it rains?

We are in the woods so there are plenty of trees that give extra shelter during light rain or intermittent showers. Some of our structures have sails covering them so you can continue playing, however you're better off coming prepared in case there's any heavy rain. When it does rain heavily you may get a very wet bottom on some rides, so bring dry clothes. If it's particularly splishy, sploshy weather then we may have to close some areas of the park for your safety however we will aim to get them open again as soon as possible. Booooooooooo!

What's our returns policy?

BeWILDerwood tickets are non-refundable. We will consider special circumstances such as: Extreme weather, illness/injury usually within one hour of ticket purchase (or park entry if pre-booked). Forced closure of the park within three hours of ticket purchase (or park entry if pre-booked). Any request for a special consideration must be done in writing to the office including proof of purchase (receipt).

Can we give you feedback about our visit?

Yes please! We have signed up to Feefo, an independent site that asks you for feedback on our behalf. It is a public website and your feedback goes straight there. We give them your email - they do not use it for anything else - and they send you a request for feedback. If you want to leave feedback on the day of your visit then you can find forms at the Grubbles' Greeting Gate or Bizarre Bazaar. Alternatively you can email us by visiting our contact us web page and filling in the online form.

Can we bring alcohol into the park?

We are not licensed to allow alcohol in the park so wait until you get home, where you can put your feet up and indulge in your favourite tipple!

Can I drop my children off at BeWILDerwood and pick them up later?

All children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.


How many children can we bring?

As many as you like. The park has a 3,000 person capacity and we will inform you at the time of your booking if there are a lot of other bookings on the same day.

I won't know numbers until nearer the time. Will this be a problem?

No, you can amend the numbers on your booking at any time prior to paying for your visit.

There are only 6 children in the class I want to bring. Will we still qualify for the school rate?

Yes you will.

What is offered for each key stage?

We've developed slightly different education programmes to suit either Key Stage 1 (ages 5 to 6) or Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11). The programmes are cross-curricular and are designed to be led by accompanying teachers within the group, using a supporting teacher's guide . Main activities are to be completed on the day of your school visit and each element of the programme includes additional experience activities (optional) according to the relevant key stage. You can either complete these on the day of your visit or take these activities back to school, providing a sense of continuity. We also have a 'spotter' activity for Early Years (Foundation Stage), which encourages children to look closer at the magic around them! You can download all of our stuff for schools from our website.

Which curriculum topics are covered?

With a foundation in literacy the BeWILDerwood education programmes offer cross-curricular activities with a strong emphasis on the natural landscape of BeWILDerwood. Designed from the perspective of the creatures and characters who live here, chidren can essentially live the BeWILDerwood experience and engage with their natural surroundings, including the creatures and characters which inhabit the park. See our stuff for schools page for more information.

Are teacher's packs provided?

All BeWILDerwood education programmes are designed to be led by the accompanying teachers within the group, encouraging everyone to discover BeWILDerwood together. A teacher's pack is provided, which you can download from our stuff for schools page. The pack is broken down into the following documents: plan your day, structure your day, teacher's guide, answer sheets, teacher's map and optional extra activities. The children’s Key Stage Adventure Booklets or Early Years Spotter Sheets will be handed out to each child upon arrival at BeWILDerwood. To make a school booking contact The Twiggle Team .

Are projects suggested?

Each programme has optional extra activities, both for completion on the day of the visit or for use back at school. These are available to download on our stuff for schools page. We recommend reading Tom Blofeld’s book, “A Boggle at BeWILDerwood” , prior to your visit. This will introduce the children to the characters that inhabit BeWILDerwood and undoubtedly enhance their experience of the park and certainly help build a sense of anticipation which drives each child’s imagination prior to the trip.


How late can I add people to my party?

Ideally no later than 10 days before your actual party.

What happens if a child cannot attend at the last minute?

We will consider any reasonable situations, however we cannot refund any amount from the basic package starting price. You will need to return the wristbands to us for those who couldn't attend.

Do we have to arrive at a set time?

Yes. The Boggle Birthday Parties begin at 11am. We would ask that you arrive at the BeWILDerwood Grubble Greeting Gate 10 mins before where your very own Twiggle will meet you! 

How long can we stay?

Until we are shut (if you have the energy!)

Can I change the numbers for my booking?

You can add guests to your party any time up to 10 days before your visit to ensure that we have enough food to feed you all!

Do you cater for adults at a birthday party?

No we do not, however the children do not always finish everything! The birthday Yummy Yurts are by the Munch Bar so you can get some grown up food there (or bring your own).

Can we bring our own food?

You are welcome to bring anything you like as additional food to your party - but the whole idea is to let us do the work for you!

Can we bring our own cake?

No need! You will be creating your very own special cupcakes as part of the party package! But if you really must we don't mind at all!

Can you cater for vegetarian children in a birthday party?

We will take into account any special requests and if we cannot accommodate we will tell you.

Can you cater for children with nut allergies or vegans?

We cannot cater for children with nut allergies or vegans and would recommend these children bring their own party fare with them.

When will the children be given their party bags?

Party bags are available for collection from the Grubbles' Greeting Gate at the end of your visit.

What about if I don't want the birthday package but I still want to use the Yummy Yurt?

You will need to ask the Twiggle team on the day you visit if there is any availabilty. Unfortunately the Yummy Yurts cannot be booked in advance. We cannot guarantee they will be free to use.

Can BeWILDerwood look after our birthday presents for us while we play in the park?

Most of our storage is only Twiggle sized (very tiny) which means unfortunately we can't look after your presents. We can, however, accept into our care any additional party food/drink and birthday cakes you wish to bring. These may be left with us on arrival at the Grubbles' Greeting Gate and we'll look after them until it's time for your birthday meal.


How late can I add people to my group?

Ideally no later than 10 days before your actual visit.

Can I change the numbers for my booking?

You can add to your group at any time, however we ideally need confirmation of final numbers and payment 10 days before your actual visit.

What happens if a member of our group cannot attend at the last minute?

We will consider any reasonable situations.

Do we have to arrive at a set time?

No. The park opens at 10:00am and you can come any time from when we open. Last entry is usually 4pm. You can stay until we shut if you have the energy!

Is there anywhere we can get food?

We have several catering outlets. Take a look at our food & drink section for more information.

Can we bring our own food?

Yes you can and we have plenty of picnic areas.

Do you have anywhere we can leave our picnics until we need them?

At the moment we do not. We allow you to return to your cars so it is possible to leave them there and collect them when you are hungry.