We like cooking at BeWILDerwood and we think cooking is great fun for kids too. Every time we make up a new recipe that we think you may like, we’ll post it here so you can see what we have been doing.

From the simple to the complex and from the tasty to the awesomely gruesome, we have bags of ideas to get kids and parents cooking together.

This week we have been making...

Twigglish biscuits

Submitted By: Danu Becker
Age: 9

A nutty, sugary, cherryfied delight!...(more)

Wiggly worm delight

Submitted By: Mcbride
Age: 12

A fun desert to make but make sure you wear an apron or sorts as it's pretty messy!...(more)

Cocoa mushroom cake

Submitted By: Lia Empson
Age: 8

If you're a chocolate fan this recipe is a must....(more)