Top 10 tips to prepare you for the Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade!

Top 10 tips to prepare you for the Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade!

Our most famously fabulous event of the year is an illuminated treat for everyone; The Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade!

Here’s 10 top Twiggle tips to help you make the most of your day!

1. Prepare to stay late…


…The parade is at dusk, so be prepared to stay late. You may want to arrive a tad later than usual to ensure you have plenty of energy left to stay for the grand finale! You can also book online to hop, jump and skip any queue at the gate.

2. Wrap up and wear wellies!


Depending on the weather, you may find putting on your welly boots is an essential move! As the sun starts to set, and the Lanterns start to glow, it can feel quite nippy, so make sure you bring some layers to put on to keep you toasty!

3. Brush up on your lantern making skills.


Become a pro by learning how to make your lantern before you visit! Click here for some simple tips and you’ll be the most glorious lantern maker of them all!

4. Keep warm with some soopa spooky supper.


Not only do the Twiggles and Boggles decorate the park, but the Grubbles put on special Grub too! They’ll be some brand new hot dishes available and some soopa spooky sweet treats too!

5. Catch a story, or two…


…BeWILDerwood has so much to offer! But we highly recommend if you can spare a mo to catch a show! This year we have a very special BeWILDerBat Bake-off twice a day!

6. The first week is perfect for Tiny Twiggles!


We have extended our Glorious Glowing event this year so we can offer the Baby Boggles and Tiny Twiggles the opportunity to parade around the park whilst all the Bigger Boggles are at school between 17th and 21st October!

7. Get your face painted to look soopa spooky!


Absolutely everything to do with the Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade is incloooded in the ticket price. So make sure you allow yourself enough time to indulge in all the treats of the park and get made up!

8. Dress up and become part of the show!


Immerse yourself into the theme of the event with a special hat, or maybe even some snazzy clothes! It will make you feel part of the show and add magic to your day!

9. Complete the Pumpkin Trail


The Grubbles will greet you on the day and hand you a Pumpkin Trail sheet to complete! Not only are you guaranteed a soopa doopa BeWILDerwood badge, you will be entered into our monthly prize draw and could win 4 x day passes! Woo-hoo!

10. Bring your sense of adventure…


…There’s nothing too scary about the lantern parade, but you will need to bring along your sense of adventure and curiosity. Discover BeWILDerwood in a spectacular new light, you won’t be disappointed.


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