How to make a Glorious Glowing Lantern

How to make a Glorious Glowing Lantern

The Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade  is a truly marvellous event at BeWILDerwood. You can spend the day exploring the Halloween woodland decorations and catch a story or two! Then wind your way through the woods to build and decorate a truly special lantern of your very own! (Dads always make the biggest, most falling apart ones!).

But before you visit, why not brush up on your lantern making skills with these fab five simple steps!

Step 1

Get all the bits and bobs organised… you will need:

  • 1 x Sheet of wet strength tissue paper
  • 4 x Long sticks
  • 4 x Short sticks
  • 1 x Piece of string
  • 1 x Glowstick
  • 1 x Roll of masking tape


Step 2

Using the masking tape, join all four little sticks together forming a square shape.


Step 3

Now connect a long stick to each corner of your square shape and connect all ends together at the top!
Top tip – Now is a good time to tie your glowstick in as it’s a bit tricky when the paper is on!


Step 4

Place you lantern frame in the centre of the tissue paper. And wrap the left side over, tape it to the frame, then wrap over the right hand side to fully cacoon the frame and you’ll see your lantern take shape in front of your very eyes!



Step 5

Now you can make your lantern even more Glorious! Using ribbons, glitter or even leaves, decorate your lantern however you like to make it your own! Yippee!


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